Invisalign in San Jose, CA

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to Invisalign to correct their teeth alignment. This revolutionary dental treatment has been gaining popularity due to its effectiveness and convenience.

At Blossom Dental Excellence, we offer Invisalign treatment to our patients in San Jose, CA and provide them with a beautiful smile they can be confident about.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners to straighten teeth. These aligners are custom-made for each patient and are virtually invisible when worn. The aligners are made of a smooth, comfortable plastic material that gradually shifts the teeth into their desired position.

For optimum results, you should wear your aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours per day, shifting to the new set after two weeks. Sometimes, weekly changes may be recommended depending on your specific treatment plan.

Benefits of Invisalign

SmartTrack Material

 Invisalign aligners are made from SmartTrack material, which allows for more predictable and controlled tooth movements. This leads to faster treatment times and more accurate results.


Invisalign can be used to correct various dental issues, including mild to moderate crowding, spacing and bite problems.


Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners can be removed for eating, brushing and flossing, making oral hygiene maintenance easier.

Aesthetically Pleasing.

 As the name suggests, Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, making them a less noticeable option for orthodontic treatment.

Improves Oral Health.

When teeth are properly aligned, it becomes easier to maintain good oral hygiene, reducing the risk of dental problems like cavities and gum disease.

Comfortable and Convenient.

Invisalign aligners are made of a smooth, comfortable material that doesn’t irritate the inside of your mouth. Additionally, you only need to visit your dentist every 4-6 weeks for check-ups and receive new sets of aligners. Unlike traditional braces, there are no wires or brackets to be adjusted.

Boosts Confidence.

Invisalign treatment can give you a straighter, more beautiful smile, boosting your confidence in social and professional settings.

Reduced Risk of Accidents.

Since there are no brackets or wires, Invisalign reduces the risk of mouth injuries caused by broken wires or brackets.

What Is the Cost of Invisalign?

The cost of Invisalign treatment depends on several factors, including the complexity of your case, the length of treatment, your insurance coverage and your dentist.

At Blossom Dental Excellence, the price range for Invisalign is from $3000 to $5000, similar to traditional braces. We offer flexible payment options and financing plans to help you pay for the treatment and achieve a beautiful, straight smile.

Tips on How to Save Money on Invisalign Treatment

Get a Dental Insurance Plan that Covers Orthodontic Treatment.

Although many dental insurance plans do not cover orthodontic treatment, some may offer partial coverage for Invisalign. Be sure to check with your insurance provider before starting treatment.

Take Advantage of Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs).

 FSA allows you to set aside pre-tax money for medical expenses, including orthodontic treatment like Invisalign.

Collaborate With Your Orthodontist.

Some orthodontists may offer discounts or payment plans if you pay the total cost upfront.

Use HSA Funds.

If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA), you can use it to cover the cost of Invisalign treatment.

Choose a Local Dentist.

Choosing a dentist closer to home can help you save on transportation costs associated with traveling to and from appointments.

Blossom Dental Excellence: Your Experienced Partner for Your Invisalign Treatment

At Blossom Dental Excellence, we use advanced technology and techniques to provide our patients with excellent Invisalign treatment. Our dentist in San Jose, CA has completed the necessary Invisalign courses and has the experience to ensure you get a beautiful smile.

If you’re looking for Invisalign treatment in San Jose, CA, we can help. Schedule your consultation today and start your journey towards a straighter, more confident smile!

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